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Sunday in the Park with George, American Theatre Company

...The show begins with Georges Seurat - the real painter, not his imagined great-grandson - conjuring elements of design and drawing to the stage. The audience does not have to crane their necks to see his work on a small drawing pad or canvas: his work is projected onto a large screen at the back of the stage (designed beautifully by Aaron Kennedy), which shifts and grows as Georges meditates and paints. Besides being aesthetically breathtaking, this screen is also a useful storytelling tool because it serves as a window into Georges' artistic imagination. It allows the audience to see the world as he does: changeable, ambiguous, but also meticulously detailed and harmonious.

While this sophisticated scenic device is mesmerizing, the show provides so much more than a solipsistic look inside the artistic process for one individual. Sunday in the Park also tells the story of Georges' relationship with the world, and his ability to connect with those around him...

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